Hobbit Casting Update: Aragorn and Arwen?

Variety has reported that, in addition to Ian McKellen (Gandalf) and Andy Serkis (Gollum) being approached to reprise their roles for the upcoming Hobbit films, there has also been “preliminary contact” with Viggo Mortensen to reprise his role as Aragorn.

In the same article, Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro is quoted as saying, “I am all for keeping the actors who originated the parts, as much as availability and their willingness will allow.” So where would that leave a potential role for Arwen? IGN has a report on whether or not actress Liv Tyler would be willing to return to Middle Earth. Her response? She said, “Oh, are you kidding? In a heartbeat! I’ll buy my own ticket and be on the plane in a second.”

The question is: would there be a possible role for Arwen in, perhaps, the second Hobbit film — the one that bridges The Hobbit with The Fellowship of the Ring?  That will be up to the script writers as they sit down within the next week to begin writing the script. Keep in mind, her role in the Lord of the Rings films was written based on the Appendices, as well as other materials. So even though Arwen isn’t a part of the Hobbit book, the same approach could be taken for the Hobbit films.