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Beast Wars Season 2 – Episode List & Guide

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201 aftermath

2.01 – Aftermath: B+

Season 2 of Beast Wars begins with the aptly titled “Aftermath” which picks up the action immediately following the cliffhanger ending of Season 1. The episode itself isn’t exactly a standalone installment – instead it owes a great deal of its narrative to the events of “Other Voices” and is a clear bridge to the upcoming “Coming of the Fuzors” episodes. That being said, “Aftermath” does a very good job of reintroducing the characters, advancing the plotline, and establishing a new reality for the Beast Wars series.

202 coming of the fuzors part 1

2.02 – Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1: A

“Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1” is a tremendous episode, easily one of the best of the entire Beast Wars series. Once again, the episode picks up directly where the previous one left off, ensuring a solid continuity of the overall narrative. In this episode, we see the introduction of the new “Fuzor” characters, as well as riveting (if somewhat expected) revelation. But what puts this episode over the top is its final scene as well as a profound character moment from Dinobot. Put simply, this episode is incredibly successful.

203 coming of the fuzors part 2

2.03 – Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2: A-

“Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2” is a riveting episode. Its structure centers around the “last stand” battle that was established at the very end of the previous episode. As such “Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2” ends shortly after the final shots are fired in the epic battle. There isn’t nearly as much character development in this episode as there was in Part 1. However, there are a couple of subplots which set the stage for a dramatic conclusion to the episode and lay the groundwork for future episodes.

204 tangled web

2.04 – Tangled Web: C+

“Tangled Web” is the first episode of Season 2 to not be directly linked with its predecessor. That being said, however, it certainly does a number of things to advance the overall story arc of the series. Perhaps it’s the lack of connection with the previous episodes, but whatever the reason, this episode is slightly less engaging and entertaining.

205 maximal no more

2.05 – Maximal, No More: A-

“Maximal, No More” is an episode in which loyalties are tested, trust is shaken, and when the dust settles the balance of power in the Beast Wars has shifted once again. Part of the strength of the episode is its ability to connect to prior installments while also laying groundwork for the future of the series. And, too, due to its primary focus on character, we get a chance to explore motivations, temptations, and honor.

206 other visits part 1

2.06 – Other Visits, Part 1: B+

“Other Visits, Part 1” is an attempt to capitalize on a number of developments for the Beast Wars series. We get an update on Tigertron and Air Razor. There is the continued drama and tension surrounding Dinobot’s conflicted character. But primarily, this is an episode that focuses on the mysterious aliens who tried to destroy Earth in the final episodes of Season 1. “Other Visits, Part 1” is without question and competently created episode, worthy of Beast Wars. But it doesn’t quite capture the same epic, apocalyptic feel as the previous episodes involving the aliens.

207 other visits part 2

2.07 – Other Visits, Part 2: B

“Other Visits, Part 2” is an episode that unfolds at a frenetic pace. There’s almost nothing subtle about it. The heavy focus on narrative is at the expense of character development, however, the narrative is highly engaging and manages to compensate for anything that might be lost. The result is an installment which, much like its predecessor, is a classic, must-see episode.

208 bad spark

2.08 – Bad Spark: B

“Bad Spark” is an excellent episode at creating a dark and ominous mood – and then following through on that mood. It’s quite an accomplishment considering that it’s subplot is the growing “romance” between two characters. But with the specter of Protoform X hanging over the entire episode, there’s more than enough genuine tension and drama to create a plausible, if slightly awkward attraction between two characters who, on the surface couldn’t be more different from one another.

209 code of hero

2.09 – Code of Hero: A+

“A deed once done cannot be undone. But perhaps it may yet be mitigated.”

… and so goes the underlying theme of “Code of Hero” – one of the greatest episodes of television that I have ever seen. I say this without hyperbole. In truth, rarely has any show covered so much ground in so little time. For a half-hour show, “Code of Hero” gives us a singularly profound glimpse into heroism and sacrifice, into the difference between fate and choice, between good and evil. And considering all of this happens within the context of a children’s show makes the achievement all the more laudable. If you were to watch just one episode of Beast Wars, this would be it. And yet, for all its strengths, without all of the backstory, without the exploration of character, it doesn’t reach its full measure of success. In truth, you need to know and understand the character of Dinobot to truly appreciate the gravity and depth of “Code of Hero” – the crowning moment of Beast Wars, and the finest half-hour of television I have ever witnessed.

210 transmutate

2.10 – Transmutate: A

How do you follow a powerful, nearly perfect episode like “Code of Hero”? You do so with an episode that is as sublimely beautiful as “Transmutate” – a story of misunderstanding, rivalry and consequence. In many ways, while not perfect itself, “Transmutate” is the perfect follow up to “Code of Hero.” It doesn’t try to outdo its predecessor, and yet it offers a story that is profoundly significant in its own right. The characterizations are very strong and the underlying theme is a successful counterpoint to the previous episode. The result is an episode which holds its own as one of the best in the Beast Wars series.

211 the agenda part 1

2.11 – The Agenda, Part 1: A

“The Agenda, Part 1” is the beginning of yet another far reaching story arc for the Beast Wars saga. Whereas the end of Season 1 focused on the aliens which had previously used Earth as an experimental laboratory, the end of Season 2 focuses squarely on the conflict involving the Maximals and Predacons – with the added twist of the revelation that their Beast Wars are taking place on prehistoric Earth. Part 1 is a riveting opening to this three-part season finale, focusing primarily on a deftly intriguing narrative. But there is a bit of character thrown into the mix, making this a thrilling opening with an explicit connection back to the G1 Transformers series.

212 the agenda part 2

2.12 – The Agenda, Part 2: B+

“The Agenda, Part 2” isn’t quite as strong as its predecessor, however, that doesn’t mean that this episode isn’t very, very good. Quite the contrary. As a matter of fact, for being the middle part of a three-episode story, Part 2 manages to keep things together fairly well. It builds on the already established conflicts and plot points, and it maintains most of the momentum generated by Part 1. Part 2 does feel a little bit like setup for the season finale, and yet it’s strong enough on its own merits to be a very worthy episode.

213 the agenda part 3

2.13 – The Agenda, Part 3: A

“The Agenda, Part 3” is an episode that moves like a runaway train, barreling through its narrative at a breakneck speed toward the broken tracks at the edge of a cliff. And surprisingly the episode purposefully, and triumphantly, runs right off the tracks, off the edge of the cliff, and turns the series completely on its head. This episode is the payoff of two seasons worth of buildup. And from start to finish, it is an unmitigated success. If there is any criticism it is in the fact that its pacing might move just a bit too rapidly to allow viewers to savor its action and revelations. But that’s what repeat viewings are for.